A brief statement of the problem, research aim and

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1. A brief statement of the problem, research aim and objectives 


2. A brief methodology                     


3. Sources of secondary data, data presentation and analysis methods                                                      


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Research Proposal.

Developing new product and product innovation in telecommunication industry.

Lunching windows mobile phone in market.

Student name: Ujjwal Mainali.

Student I.D: s0189589.

Central Queensland University.


Several mobile products launch all over the world but not all of them are successful or accepted by customers. New product is always challenges and strong words in the market. . “New” invokes the belief that something is moving forward; it is unique, modern and improved. Customers are attracted to new product if the products fulfil their requirement. This research study the issues and problems face by company while launching new mobile phone. The research study purposes the positive outcomes and objectives to investigate the major areas of the research issues. The use of the appropriate methodology would be introduced in this proposal.

Problem Statement.

Launching the new windows mobile phone is considered as one of the biggest challenges back in 2000 where half of the world is using Nokia. One of the biggest challenges is capacity, design and features. Lack of apps compared to android or IOS. There are many apps which were not offered by windows phones.

Different UI style: its UI style is totally different with android or IOS, so when shifting from one to another costumer faces problem.

Lack of marketing: customer get that mind set window can only perform best with PC.

Requirements: it did not fulfil any requirements of any kind of persons.

After all these issues there are more issues such as sales problem. Identifying the product features and rechecking the design, marketing is the major problem for windows mobile phone. The budget goes excessively high. All products have a limited lifecycle; therefore, company need to develop a new product in order to keep the business running, which is another challenge for company.

Companies operating without any clear goals, failing to understand the customer requirements. Conducting research after the product launch create substantial delays in the process of the product and exhaust morale and potential market share by useless rollout.

Research Aim.

The aim of the research is to investigate the identified issues and problems in the mobile phone industry that causes the considerable delays. The studies identify the consequences of these delays that affect the company itself and the market of windows mobile phone.

Research Objectives.

    • To identify the reasons for features and design delays in windows mobile phone.

    • To investigate the challenges faced in due to the delays in operational process of windows mobile phone productions.

    • To create the positive output and recommendation to overcome form all the challenges that company face throughout the process of concept, ideation, design, test and release.
    • To creates more apps which are loved by customers and easily accessible.
    • To make UI system user friendly.

    • Fulfil the requirements of customers.

Research Methodology.

The research methodology explains the systematic approach of conducting the research study more appropriately. The study focus on the issues and problems related to the delays in the features and model designs on window mobile phone. Therefore, it is most important to select the correct methods to analyse the in- depth ideas of the developing software and hardware projects and possible reasons for delays. The use of the appropriate philosophy, research approaches, research techniques, and appropriate data collection process would help in structuring the entire research study in a detailed way (flick, 2015).

The interpretive philosophy would be appropriate for this study to analyse the information with proper mitigation of the risks, issues and problems.

Inductive approach would help in this context as the study deals with the existing information related to the mobile phone product delays. The detailed ideas of the outcomes due to the project delays would be inspect by using the inductive approach. The study would also use the descriptive design to present the broad ideas of the risks and issues signified for this particular research area.

The study develops the secondary data collection process for conducting the research related to the continuous delays in the designs and features of the new mobile phone. The study develops the thematic analysis of the research in which the examples of various cases would be described to gather ideas about the subject areas. These data can be collected from news articles, organization reports and similar project description articles, market research and also from the market strategies from the competitors.

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