cription ASSESSMENT 1


Students are to select one of the following motion graphic sequences and give an analysis.

1. TINTIN Movie – Opening Credits.

2. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – Opening Credits

3. DISNEY – Ident.

Things to think about:

Define Motion Graphics. What makes this a motion graphic?
How does the motion influence the narrative?
How do the colours used impact the viewer and how do they relate to the subject matter? Do they work? Why/Why not?
How do you think some of the effects have been achieved?
******io. Was it effective? Did it sync with the graphics? Explain.
Feel free to make comparisons to other works, however you must reference these.

Assessment Criteria:

Understanding of Motion Graphics and techniques used
Ability to reflect on works.
A satisfactory completion of assignment requires:

Clarity of writing
Spelling, structure, grammar and referencing

Word length: Up to 500 words (+/- 20%) Supporting imagery is accepted.

Submission: Electronic copy to be submitted with all sources referenced correctly.

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