report will depend on their clarity, structure

The report will depend on their clarity, structure (introduction, main context and conclusion), correctness and
whether they are informative and attractive.
1. Find an existing IoT system (e.g., smart cities, smart transportations, health care systems and etc.) and explain what
it is and how it works.
2. Explain the architecture of the chosen IoT system using the three layer architecture
(perception/network/application layers).
3. Explain the security mechanisms used to protect the chosen IoT system from the adversary. Particularly, explain
them from the perspective of Cybersecurity CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability).
4. Choose at least one threat applicable to the chosen system among the threats explained in our week 9 lecture slides.
a. Explain why the chosen threat(s) is applicable to the system.
b. Suggest how it can be mitigated.
If there is no threat applicable, explain why.

IT SA 2006 Assessments

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IT SA 2006
WEEK – 8

IT SA 2006 Assessments
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Week 8 Practical Assignment
A virtualization infrastructure with Distributed Resource Scheduler – DRS and Hihg Availability – HA.
Setup the VMware VCenter 6, VMWare ESXi 6 and perform tasks listed in the following section.
Infrastructure Presentation: In Class / LAB
Deadline: 2nd Last Lecture
Groups: Its and individual assignment however contact Lecturer for a group approval
Reference Style
In this course, the Harvard reference style is prefered. Pelase familiarize yourself with the style. Your
ability to use proper academic style will form part of the Assessment.
1. VMware ESXi (5 Marks)
a. Deploy and Configure ESXi Host(s)
b. Use VSphere Client to manage the ESXi
2. Configure vNetwork Standard Switches (5 Marks)
a. Plan and configure vSphere networking
b. Vmnics on a vSphere standard switch
c. Configure vmkernel ports for network services
d. Port groups on a vNetwork standard switch
3. VMWare VCentre (8 Marks)
a. Deploy and Configure VCentre
b. Configure DataCenter
c. Add ESXi Host and enable locked down mode
d. Roles and Permissions
e. Assign restricted permissions to accounts
f. Establish vCenter Administrator Permissions
g. Create Custom Role to manage Virtual Machine (cannot delete the VMs)
4. Storage (10 Marks)
a. Configure the iSCSI / Shared Storage
b. Configure LUNs and iSCSI Storage
c. Create a new, single volume VMFS that does not use all available space
d. Build a new VMFS volume on a SAN LUN
e. Partition and Format a LUN VMFS
f. Add a second LUN
g. Grow a VMFS
5. Create and Deploy Virtual Machines (5 Marks)
a. Deploy Virtual machines
b. Hot Add a Virtual Disk
c. Hot Extend a Virtual Disk
d. Grow the VM System Drive
6. vCenter Alarms (2 Marks)
a. Configure a VM Alarm
IT SA 2006 Assessments
Copyright © 2016 VIT, All Rights Reserved. VIT and its logo are trademarks of Victorian Institute of Technolog 3
7. Virtual Machine Migration (5 Marks)
a. Create a VMkernel Port for VMotion
b. Cold migrate a windows VM onto the Shared SAN LUN
c. Power on the VMs and verify that they are running on shared SAN storage
d. Add a second ESXi host to VMWare vCenter server
e. Hot migrate a VM from one ESXi host to the second host
f. Use VMWare Storage VMotion to migrate the storage of a hot VM onto a shared SAN LUN
8. VMWare Distributed Resource Scheduler (5 Marks)
a. Create the DRS Cluster and configure rules
b. Add Hosts to the Cluster
c. Migrate VMs onto a Single ESXi Host to Unbalance the Cluster
9. VMWare High Availability (HA) (10 Marks)
a. Configure HA Cluster
b. Prepare for A Host Failure
c. Simulate an ESXi Hosts Failure
10. Deploy and configure a VMWare feature / add on of your choice (5 Marks)
11. Network and Infrastructure Doucmentation (15 Marks)
a. Document ESXi Name, Network Settings
b. Document Virtual Network Infrasture
c. Document VCenter details
d. Document DRS and HA Configuration
e. Physical / Logical Network Diagram
Assignment Submission
Note that infrastructue Documentation must be sumitted electronically to moodle.