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Assessment task : Community Profile

Intent: Provides students with the opportunity to understand, collect, analyse and succinctly provide data and information relevant to health planning.

Task: This is the major assignment for this subject. It requires students to explore a specific region and/or population group. Accurate identification, presentation, critical analysis and evidence based interpretation of key data to reliably inform health service planning is required. A comparison of the population and/or region under investigation against other population groups is also required.

N.B. Students should gain a full understanding of the term ‘critical analysis’ prior to commencing this assessment item.

Length: 3500 word report (must include relevant graphs and tables that are fully developed by students from data sets)

Further information: Please note: under no circumstances are tables or graphs that have been developed by any public or commercial agency or other group to be used in this assignment, even if referenced. The purpose of this major assignment is to support the development of student expertise in data identification, graphing, analysis and sound evidence-based interpretation.

Further information:

Introduction part should contain- what is integrated care in older persons( select age group 65yrs and above) and why integrated care is important.

I have selected area 3 form below areas (PHA population health areas)

Please consider following points –

  1. Explain with number and rates in graphs and tables and compare with bigger numbers like state NSW or Australia
  2. Interpretation to establish a need by looking at graphs for example to avoid and reduce unwanted admissions to hospital
  3. Explain why there id difference in ratios compared with state level with examples from reality.
  4. Include care services in older from the evidence
  5. It should be based on data as there will be no right or wrong
  6. How to plan with an approach. Look at the planning cycles

Please consider following links for real data

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