report will depend on their clarity, structure

The report will depend on their clarity, structure (introduction, main context and conclusion), correctness and
whether they are informative and attractive.
1. Find an existing IoT system (e.g., smart cities, smart transportations, health care systems and etc.) and explain what
it is and how it works.
2. Explain the architecture of the chosen IoT system using the three layer architecture
(perception/network/application layers).
3. Explain the security mechanisms used to protect the chosen IoT system from the adversary. Particularly, explain
them from the perspective of Cybersecurity CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability).
4. Choose at least one threat applicable to the chosen system among the threats explained in our week 9 lecture slides.
a. Explain why the chosen threat(s) is applicable to the system.
b. Suggest how it can be mitigated.
If there is no threat applicable, explain why.

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